Leticia Ortiz de Huber besides being a performer, and a native Spanish speaker is a linguist, a teacher, and a bilingually published poetess madly in love with words in Spanish, English, French, and Italian. Based on her experience, she created a teaching method: the Natural Language Learning Method©, which she has applied since 1980 to successfully teach Spanish to people of all ages and interests, in two countries. So far, she has: created 2 Language Institutes, has taught privately to people in many, many walks of life, as well as teaching both at the United States International University, and the University of California San Diego Extension.

She successfully first applied her teaching method in the first language institute she founded, C.I.C.E.I. (Centro Internacional de Convivencia e Idiomas) in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. To further such teaching method, she applied it, also successfully,  in the second institute she founded, Loving Language, in San Diego, California, which focused on teaching babies to be bilingual.

Leticia enjoys words and languages with passion, so she is happy and excited to help you make them a dear, fun and easy part of your life.

In this 16 lesson course, if you allow it, Leticia aims to engage all your senses with your new language: Spanish.

About the Experience of Learning from Leticia

“I have learned a great deal of Spanish.  Having come from a background of familiarity with the language, Leticia's class has been very helpful in reviewing vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and idioms.  Leticia's ability to break about the semantics of the words or phrases allows the language to penetrate on a deeper level and acquire the connections with English or other romance languages. Leticia always makes learning fun and challenging. Particularly helpful to me is the way in which Leticia always communicates in Spanish and then translates into English as a matter of course.  Leticia has found a way to accommodate multi-levels in the same class and maintain progression with each student.  Of course, in learning a language, the key is repetition and immersion, so at once a week, there is only so much progress that can be made.  However, having been attending Leticia's classes for six months or so, I feel a marked difference in my ability to speak and comprehend Spanish.  I would recommend Leticia's classes for anyone who is interested in learning Spanish or has a thirst for languages in general.”

-Andie, Student

“Learning - and re-learning - Spanish with Leticia has been “maravilloso”! I have found Leticia to have incredible knowledge of the grammar, vocabulary and cultural and historical understandings of Spanish language. Perhaps more important, however, is her capacity to creatively and effectively TEACH what she knows in a way that facilitates easy learning. And, she creates a delightful and entertaining learning environment. I am so pleased with the progress I have made in studying with her and look forward to watching my Spanish language capacities continue to grow under her expert guidance. Having studied with many Spanish teachers over the years, I can wholeheartedly recommend studying with her.”

-Annie, Student

“Both a writer and a Spanish descendant, I began taking classes with Leticia Huber to feel a possession of the Spanish language. Though my articulation is basic, in the year Leticia and I have worked together my speaking and pronunciation has sharpened, my sentence composition and grammar has improved and my confidence has grown. Beyond this, I find my thoughts formulating in Spanish as well as English. This amazes me because it happens at a speed preceding my awareness. Suddenly, the word butterfly is replaced with “mariposa” before I've consciously decided. The Spanish language is quietly slipping into my perspective of the world. Leticia pushes students to speak, interact and think in Spanish throughout class. Her knowledge of language is broad and her teaching is generous. She finds playful, encouraging ways to elicit the best learning without making it work. As a poet and writer, Leticia has renewed my attention to English and its nuances through her depth in Spanish. She is always willing to wander down the linguistic rabbit-hole to find a word's derivation. But, perhaps most importantly, Leticia is able to work with students at every level, honoring everyone's skill and development. Her classes are free of condescension and instead challenge students to meet their potential. I would recommend Leticia's classes to anyone with a desire to learn Spanish and an admiration for language's possibility.”

-Phil, Student