Throughout these 16 weeks (ideally 1 lesson per week, to actually fully start embracing your new language), you will be delightfully engaged with your new Spanish Conversational Course, PrestoBILINGUA! — which is for both beginner and intermediate learners — that will let you experience yourself speaking (or enhancing) your Spanish when you travel!

We are thrilled for you and, to help you soar, you will find all the tools you need for your purpose:

  • Pertinent Vocabulary

  • Explanatory Grammar

  • Relaxing Games

  • Useful Self-Evaluations

If you commit to create an efficient Spanish study-time each day then you will joyously find that you actually speak sufficient Spanish for a beginner/intermediate learner! You will be able to comfortably travel to a Spanish speaking country.

My congratulations to you, and… Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! to your Spanish Conversational Course PrestoBILINGUA! – Leticia Ortiz de Huber