Using your favorite dictionary, and based on the SCRIPT for LESSON 5   

“Visitando a los Amigos” :

Click the correct answer (s) among the list of 4, please:

  1. How does Chata answer the phone in Mexican Spanish?

2. How do you say “Today is Saturday” in Spanish?:


4. If from DownTown Mexico City, you are going to the city of Coyacán, you look for?:

3. How do you say 9:15 am?:


6. Where do you go for quick transportation if you travel in the city?:

5. How do you say “till soon” in Spanish?:


8. Where does Chata live in Mexico City?:

7. What did Chata’s Grandmother purchase in the town of Tlahuelompa?:


10. What is the climate like in Mexico City?:

9. To go from Bellas Artes to Coyoacán, you?:


Give yourself a pat on the back for each correct answer you gave! 

  • Celebrate yourself by touching (your cat?, a flower?), smelling or tasting something nice (roasted almonds?!

  • Daily, study the script and your bilingual dictionary (paper or online) , to be ready with vocabulary apt for your next lesson, the PrestoBILINGUA! way!

  • Always clarify any doubts you may have, whether with your dictionary, or email your “burning” questions to .