Instructions for this Lesson

  1. Have your alphabet and your dictionary handy (and get ready to enjoy the learning! :)

  2. Watch VIDEO #7.

  3. Click on SCRIPT and review, at your leisure, the Vocabulary from the Video.

  4. Click on DIALOGUE and further embrace the vocabulary pertinent to this lesson, by listening and reading aloud the dialogue.

  5. Click on GRAMMAR and clarify your grammar questions about this lesson.

  6. Click on NUMBERS and the SOUND of NUMBERS and practice them aloud.

  7. Click on HOMEWORK everyday, and fully accomplish your task for that day.

  8. Click on GAME, and enjoy some learning fun!

  9. Click on SELF EVALUATION, and see how much you learned in Lesson 7!

  10. Check on the FACEBOOK button (to see if it is already open) for conversations with other students and your instructor, Leticia Ortiz de Huber.