Let’s see… May I compare a new language with a window?. A window that you open into another culture, as you start learning their language. The more often you come to the “language-window”, the more you’ll be curious about the culture behind it, and the people who embrace that culture!

If you keep on coming, you even get to familiarize yourself with their faces, their costumes, their gestures, their food, their music, their life!

They too see you, and get curious about you, and like things about you, and have questions about you, and…one day after many, the “window” becomes a door; and they, the people of that other culture, open it wide for you to come in into their “home”, meet the family, enjoy their books, their art, their everyday things there, and embrace each other in the joy of new friends. Sometimes though, these friendships deepen to the point where they become so close, we start calling them “family”. And either through friendship or through even deeper relationships, you will find yourself embracing a bright, brand new life -just because you learned another language!.

As a 4 times language learner, that has been my treasured and delightful experience. I wish you the same!

Always love, light and laughter;

Leticia Ortiz de Huber :)

Leticia Huber