To Optimize Your Course

What I do:

1…In this course, PrestoBILINGUA!, I help you explore Spanish — similar to an immersion study. So, prepare yourself to move from one language to the other, without prior notice

2…In this course, I invite you to explore the formal and informal form in order to create different relationships: Close and colloquial with “TÚ” (this is the INFORMAL form, called “el tuteo”); Formal and establishing a social difference with “USTED” (this is the “formal” way of connecting verbally)

3… In this course, there are 16 subjects to help prepare you for traveling to Spanish speaking countries; for example: social courtesies, market shopping, movies/theater, clothing, restaurants, parks/beaches, home visiting, and so on.

What YOU do:

1… Choose a certain time of the day (possibly a few minutes after waking up, a full hour after lunch, a few minutes before sleeping) to completely dedicate yourself to fulfilling your desire to learn Spanish.

2…Dedicate a total of 45 minutes to 1 hour of each day, to study, to apply, and to enjoy your learning of the week.

3…See if you can teach someone else what you have learned during the week ;)